How To Choose Baby Carrier

Nowadays it is not that hard to find the best baby carrier for dads. Baby carriers over 3 months of age may continue to be used until the child grows older. However, along with the growth of your little one, the carrying style will change. Therefore, it is better to buy a baby carrier according to your baby’s age so you don’t waste it. Carrying a baby can be done in several methods. You can choose the baby carrier depending on the method of carrying you prefer.

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In general, the carrying method can be divided into five methods as follows; hip carry (with the side sitting facing the mother), facing parent front carry (front sitting position facing mother), facing out front carry (front sitting position facing forward), back carry (rear seat facing mother) and side hold carry (sleeping position facing mother). Unfortunately, not all products can be used to carry the five methods. Some products are suitable for one method of carrying only. So, make sure you choose the best carrier that suits your and your baby needs.

Babies have a higher body temperature and sweat more easily than adults. When held in a sling, the baby will find it easier to feel hot and sweaty. So, choose a breathable material to make baby’s skin breathable and avoid prickly heat. We recommend choosing a sweat-absorbing material such as cotton. This cotton material is highly recommended especially if the baby or mother has sensitive skin. For more details, please check the carrying material in the description table of each product. Ideally, the baby’s body posture when being held with or without a baby carrier should be the same. If the baby’s posture is not correct, then the baby’s bones will be at risk of injury. The burden on the shoulders and hips of the mother will increase. There are three things to consider so that the baby’s posture remains correct when held.