The Correct Spelling And Hashtag Placement Can Make Your Instagram Post Interesting

The first thing you should pay attention to is the correct spelling and use of capital letters. The use of slang is fine, but don’t use too many abbreviations because it can confuse followers. You don’t want the message from the photo not conveyed just because the language structure is not good or there are too many abbreviations, right? Meanwhile, if you need a lot more captions for your future Instagram posts, we recommend you visit right away.

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Apart from the correct spelling, in writing captions, you can use hashtags so that your photos can be seen by many people, but limit the use of hashtags (1-4 hashtags) that are relevant to the photos you post, because if they are many, they will be ineffective and look messy. Then, you should put the hashtag at the end of your caption and make sure that the hashtag that you use is a hashtag that many people use too. For example, you upload a photo of the clothes you are wearing, you can use the hashtag #ootd.