Best Crossbow Strings For Different Crossbow Limbs

Best Crossbow Strings design requires the crossbow string to connect on to the limbs of the crossbow. Since the crossbow string attaches to the limb the top loops of the crossbow string got to be larger. The most important thing with a recurve crossbow string is knowing what the limbs are made up of. On wooden limbs (non reinforced) you would like to be sure that the crossbow string is formed from dacron material. Crossbow material has more ‘give’ during the show and absorbs the energy generated from the crossbow. If using newer ‘fast flight’ or ‘dyneema’ crossbow string materials the bow are often damaged thanks to the added strength of the fabric . Conversely if your crossbow limbs have reinforced tips then you’re safe to use newer materials like D97. Using such materials will leave maximum performance and stability from your crossbow string.

The next design is known as a teardrop. This will be a compound crossbow but will have steel cables that wrap around and have an anchor referred to as a teardrop. This sort of crossbow string will usually have midsized loops and be fairly short long . On a teardrop crossbow you would like to use again use a dacron bow string material for your crossbow string.