Waterproofing Can Help You Prevent Roof From Leaking

Changes in the weather, especially water and heat can cause changes to the structure of the house. This is due to the shrinkage of building durability due to age. This reduction in durability applies to all types of roofs, be it clay tiles, not aka concrete roofs, to zinc roofs. If you want to deal with leaks in buildings that use roofs, you are advised to use waterproof or waterproofing coatings. You can coat the roof after the casting and drying period is finished which lasts approximately 7 days. Waterproofing prevents the roof pores from taking damage, thus reducing the risk of leaks. Meanwhile, you can also hire Roofing Companies Afton OK if your roof is leaking very bad in the rainy season.

Whenever the rainy season draws near, you must renew your waterproof layer on your roof immediately. Then what are the best leak-proof coatings that you can use? Here are some recommendations:

1. Polymer and Acrylic

The leak-proof coating with a polymer base material is quite popular in Asian countries. You only need to apply this layer to the roof of the house using a brush or paint roller to the part you want to coat. The polymer itself is more elastic in nature so that it is widely used for roofing. Meanwhile, acrylic is widely used to coat walls or walls to prevent water seepage.

2. Cement Based Roof Coating

The roof reinforcement layer, which is a mixture of special materials, water, and cement, is also popular with the public. Its function is the same as polymer, namely to make the roof of the house waterproof and not leaky by smoothing the pores of the roof.

3. Asphalt Leak-Proof Layer

Bitumen is a leak-proof coating that uses an asphalt base material. Bitumen is usually in the form of a paste and rolls, so professional assistance is needed to install it as a leak-proof coating. Not many use bitumen as a leaky roof layer because the installation technique is not as easy as other leak-proof layers.