This Is How To Make Whatsapp Status With Photos Or Videos

First, if your WhatsApp cannot update status yet, you have to update the WhatsApp application which can be done through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhone users. After successfully updating, open the WhatsApp application. You will find a new appearance of the WhatsApp application where there is a new tab that says “Status” between the “Chats” and “Calls” tabs at the top. Apart from that, there is also a camera icon tab on the far left side. Meanwhile, aside from photos and videos, you can visit get amazing Hindi quotes for your caption WhatsApp status. You can get these quote from right away.

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Next, the third step is to start creating content. You can upload photos, short videos, or GIFs, via the camera icon tab earlier. The application will immediately open the camera to snap a moment or record it with a duration limit of 35 seconds. You can also take photos, short videos, or GIFs, which are stored in the smartphone gallery.

The fourth step, decorate the content. You can write text, give colorful strokes, and attach stickers to the content you want to upload. This concept is similar to the existing Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

The final step, install the status content and see the content of the friend’s status. Here, you can choose to make the status content visible to all contacts on WhatsApp or only for certain contacts. You may use the Privacy Status setting for this. If you want to see the status content shared by your friends, you can point to the tab that says “Status”. Remember, the content you share only lasts 24 hours. After that, WhatsApp will delete the content.