Confused About Doing Yoga At Home? Follow These Tips

It is best if yoga is done in a yoga studio or the wild. However, if you only have a short time, do yoga at home. The problem is, yoga at home can be a lot of interference. Starting from the voice of other residents of the house, or the desire to enjoy TV. For yoga to run smoothly, try doing this method. Yoga at home can indeed be done anywhere, including the bed. However, make sure your bed surface is hard enough and flat so that your body position during yoga remains stable. If possible, it’s best if you have a yoga mat and do yoga exercises on the floor. Instead of a mattress, use a carpet or blanket that is rather thick. Don’t forget to always keep your carpets clean with industrial carpet cleaning machines.

The best time to do yoga is in the morning when the house is still quiet. Try to get up early, for example at 5 am, then do yoga on the porch of the house. The orange tinge of the rising sun and the cool morning air will make it easier to concentrate. Turn on aromatherapy near your yoga area. The fresh and soothing aroma will help your mind to be more focused and not be tempted to do other activities during yoga. If the yard is too crowded, for example, your neighbors are busy doing activities and their voices can be heard up to your terrace area, do yoga in the room.

To be more comfortable and relaxed, turn on soft music such as music that reminds you of nature, such as the sound of gurgling water and birdsong — at a glance similar to the music you often listen to in spas or reflexology places. Yoga should be done before breakfast, or 2-3 hours after eating. If the stomach is too full, it will be difficult for you to carry out each position. Just enjoy a glass of warm water before doing yoga. Look for step by step yoga videos at home on YouTube and download and save them. Following each of the steps in the video will also make it easier for you to practice yoga at home. Think of it as if you are in a yoga studio.
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